Innovation of T Shirt Design

A fashion expert once quoted on T-shirts, ‘T-shirts are one of the most accurate yard sticks to measure fashion!’ To add more to it, T-shirts are one of the most elegant parameters to catch on with changing trends. Rightly, T-shirts are the building blocks of fashion!

Not only is it good in looks, but T-shirts are very comfortable too and don’t crash heavily on purses and wallets. Age no bar, sex no bar, T-shirts are the casual favorites of any wardrobe.

With such a wide liking and demand for T-shirts, needless to say, the business of T-shirt designing has great returns and stiff competition. T-shirt designing is done using different techniques in different parts of the world. The basic idea however remains the same. A few modifications in styling and graphics is done to give it a native feel, like those of the Indian custom T-shirts, Japan’s street style T-shirts and so on. The use of screen printing to print the desired image on the T-shirt is one of the common techniques in T-shirt designing.

T-shirt designing has given umpteen variations to the concept of T-shirts from the time of its advent and has set new trends from time to time.

For example, T-shirts with a raglan cut, and ribbing around the sleeves and the neck, striped T-shirts, and the ones with the picture of a known rock star or leader had many people go crazy over T-shirts in the 70’s. T-shirt designing has dived further into creativity, with a lot of importance being put on the picture or the words imprinted on it. From wacky to witty phrases, rude remarks to raunchy erotic liners, everything is displayed on the T-shirts.

The picture on the T-shirt is another aspect people look for before buying it. Logos of companies, famous personalities, abstract designs, pleasant pictures, cartoons, funky designs, art work almost every picture possible on Earth has been tried and inscribed on T-shirts.

But, T-shirt designing is not just about the looks. The comfort and the fitting are important too. There are the collared T-shirts, collarless ones, V-neck T-shirts, round-neck T-shirts and so on and these bring about a good amount of change to the T-shirt. The tight fitted T-shirts, the loose baggy ones, short sleeves ones, sleeveless ones and many more such designs have seen the upheaval in the market.

T-shirt designing is undoubtedly a highly creative and innovative work, yet a simple one which can even be tried on by enthusiasts to get some unique personalized T-shirts!!

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