Fashionable T Shirts Current Trends

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What we wear has become very much the way that we want others to view us. Such influences that fashion trends have on us, leads to everyone carrying their own style and others being forced to chase the fashion industry.

Current T-shirts that are in fashion at the moment include thin cotton t-shirts that have a drooped neck line in the front. Personally these t-shirts look like someone has grabbed the t-shirt and stretched it by the neckline but as is the monster of fashion, these t-shirts are everywhere at the moment and expect to see more as the sun continues to shine!

Another popular t-shirt at the moment is also thin cotton and incorporates a thin cotton hood on the back of the t-shirt. Both of these types of t-shirts are plain in colour and pattern but prove to be extremely popular.

Geek Chic

If you have seen an episode of the I.T Crowd, then you will know exactly the type of t-shirt I am talking about. These are comedy t-shirts often with a nerdy topic involved such as a computer virus or programming as the theme. They were originally found in the I.T department of companies worn by geeks but have become mainstream and are now very fashionable whether the ‘originals’ like it or not.

These t-shirts can be found in any town centre up and down the country and often using a mixture of technology ‘mumbo-jumbo’ and innuendo’s these style t-shirts have some very original and funny designs.

This Summer

As a prediction for the coming summer I think we will see an influx of ‘wife-beater’ t-shirts. These are effectively vest tops, but providing the weather holds out over the summer we will see a whole lot of these vest tops accompanied by flowery shorts this summer!

Along with the vest tops, I think we will continue down the route of thin cotton t-shirts which allow you to breathe in the hot weather! A lot of the mainstream shops will be selling their versions of these plain t-shirts probably on some sort of group deal saver where you can buy 2/3 t-shirts for £10/$10!

The problem with fashion, unless you are Cheryl Cole where you can wear what you want and people will follow, is that you are always playing catchup! You can spend a fortune one week on clothes and they can be out of date the following week! You are much better off sharing your personality with the world through the t-shirts that you like rather than what you are told is in!