Unique T Shirt Designs

A t-shirt can be defined as a collar-less and button less piece of apparel. T-shirts are very common due to the level of comfort they offer to people. These are normally worn in informal occasions.

T-shirts have gained their significance in recent past because of the level of customization they offer. People like to wear t-shirts which depicts something about their character. Many t-shirt can be spotted with different slogans and pictures on it. These pictures and slogans are of varied significance to person wearing it. Now a days it has become very easy for people to print a t-shirt with a picture or slogan of their choice. This of course has added to the popularity of t-shirts. Some common t-shirt design ideas are listed below:

1) Famous people: People can get the pictures of some famous people printed on their t-shirts. It is one of the common way in which people express their love to the people whom they idolize.

2) Religious statements: Some people print some religious statements on their t-shirt to show their devotion towards culture. This is common in Hindu culture. It also helps in spreading awareness about the religion. Some religious shrines and institutions sell such t-shirts to their devotees in order to spread awareness about their religion.

3) Quotes: People may print some motivational, hilarious, or famous quotes on their t-shirts.

4) Sports: Some people are highly fascinated towards a specific sport. They may print the name of their favorite team, player or picture on their t-shirt. These t-shirts may also be available in different sports shop.

10 Reasons to Enter a T Shirt Design Contest

If you enjoy fashion and clothes, but are fed up of seeing the same sort of T shirt designs everywhere you look, then perhaps you’ve thought about designing your own T shirts and entering a T Shirt Design Contest.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then here’s why you should.

1. Perhaps you’re artistic and maybe already working in fashion or design. What areas of your skills and experience could you use to create amazing limited edition T shirts?

2. Maybe you’re a good designer, and want to show off a bit. You might not have the chance to utilise your influences and skills as much as you’d like to at work, and so want an outlet for your creativity.

3. It might be that you’ve know what sort of things go down well in T shirt design competitions, and so know what you need to produce in order to do well. Perhaps you’ve entered before, or have bought limited edition clothing from design contests before.

4. You might be witty, and have an excellent slogan, or design that would be suitable for the target audience. Perhaps you’ve got a cool retro idea that would look good on a T shirt.

5. It might be that you’re clever with satirical or topical ideas, and can create designs for T Shirts almost instantly and want to get in quickly while your design is still current.

6. Maybe you want to get into fashion design, but design products, or correct images all day. Why not design t shirts in order to help you learn how to design clothing, and see what works well?

7. Perhaps you’ve already got some T shirt design ideas and are looking for a way to share them with the world. Perhaps you haven’t got the time to make them into a limited t-shirt for yourself or friends.

8. You might want to see how your designs go down before your release them on general sale. Why not test the water by entering a T Shirt Design competition and see if others like your designs too? If they do, then you’ll have a ready made audience, and if they don’t, you might want to rethink your designs.

9. Perhaps you’re just hungry for the fame and recognition that winning will bring. You might have bee toiling away creating an online identity, or icons, or images, and now want to be recognised for your skills. What’s wrong with wanting to be famous!

10. Maybe you want to make money from your designs. Why not see if you can sell them online after winning a design contest. You’ll be able to appeal to more people, and being a t shirt design competition winner will add extra credibility, and make your designs even more desirable, especially if you only produce a few limited edition t-shirt designs.

Now that you have some good reasons to get designing, what’s stopping you from entering a T shirt design contest?

Innovation of T Shirt Design

A fashion expert once quoted on T-shirts, ‘T-shirts are one of the most accurate yard sticks to measure fashion!’ To add more to it, T-shirts are one of the most elegant parameters to catch on with changing trends. Rightly, T-shirts are the building blocks of fashion!

Not only is it good in looks, but T-shirts are very comfortable too and don’t crash heavily on purses and wallets. Age no bar, sex no bar, T-shirts are the casual favorites of any wardrobe.

With such a wide liking and demand for T-shirts, needless to say, the business of T-shirt designing has great returns and stiff competition. T-shirt designing is done using different techniques in different parts of the world. The basic idea however remains the same. A few modifications in styling and graphics is done to give it a native feel, like those of the Indian custom T-shirts, Japan’s street style T-shirts and so on. The use of screen printing to print the desired image on the T-shirt is one of the common techniques in T-shirt designing.

T-shirt designing has given umpteen variations to the concept of T-shirts from the time of its advent and has set new trends from time to time.

For example, T-shirts with a raglan cut, and ribbing around the sleeves and the neck, striped T-shirts, and the ones with the picture of a known rock star or leader had many people go crazy over T-shirts in the 70’s. T-shirt designing has dived further into creativity, with a lot of importance being put on the picture or the words imprinted on it. From wacky to witty phrases, rude remarks to raunchy erotic liners, everything is displayed on the T-shirts.

The picture on the T-shirt is another aspect people look for before buying it. Logos of companies, famous personalities, abstract designs, pleasant pictures, cartoons, funky designs, art work almost every picture possible on Earth has been tried and inscribed on T-shirts.

But, T-shirt designing is not just about the looks. The comfort and the fitting are important too. There are the collared T-shirts, collarless ones, V-neck T-shirts, round-neck T-shirts and so on and these bring about a good amount of change to the T-shirt. The tight fitted T-shirts, the loose baggy ones, short sleeves ones, sleeveless ones and many more such designs have seen the upheaval in the market.

T-shirt designing is undoubtedly a highly creative and innovative work, yet a simple one which can even be tried on by enthusiasts to get some unique personalized T-shirts!!

Daniel is the Designer and Co-owner of BrokenCloset.com

All T-shirts in Broken Closet.com are specially designed by our local in-house designers, aiming to make your T-shirts filled with great style, uniqueness & personality! To ensure exclusiveness, all designs are original with limited pieces to each design worldwide. We design according to rising global T-shirt trend so as to give you a chance to wear something that can’t be bought in every city shopping malls.

Top T Shirt Design Tips 5 Secrets for Perfect T Shirt Text Plus One Bonus

It is always a proud feeling to wear a t-shirt with your own design on it. Nowadays, anyone can create designs for clothes regardless his knowledge on designing. However, I have decided to share five top secrets for perfect t-shirt designing for you and with a bonus tip as well. After reading this article, you will be able to create designs that everyone will enjoy equally. So let us see the secrets.

Font Selection: The first important factor in designing a t-shirt is selecting the font. It is essential to select a font that matches the message or statement on the design. If you are conveying a strong message, you cannot use a comic font for it. If you choose the best appropriate font for the text, your design will have a professional touch. It will look more like designed by a professional fashion designer.

Font – issues: Most of the designer application or tools the fonts selected may not be perfect when printed on clothes. The fonts of a computer program may not look the same when it is printed on t-shirts. There might be many spaces between the letters or in the letters as well. Therefore, you need to choose a designer tool that does not make such issues.

Word Spacing: It is important to make sure there are not much gaps and spaces between the words. It similar to the issues mentioned above. If there are many spaces between words, the print will not look neat and clean. Therefore, make sure the word spacing is taken care.

Line Spacing: Line spacing is important as word spacing. Normally when text is designed for t-shirts, it will have too much space between the lines. This will look odd on a printed t-shirt. Therefore, make sure that the line space is adjusted accurately on the design.

Line Breaking: You can have the text in any format. However, when the text is designed for the t-shirt, it should be readable and clear. Therefore, it is important to work on the line breaking to make sure the text is readable.

Bonus Tip: Once you create a design check the design for white spaces. The best methods for that are to print it on a paper and show it on to a light source to find any white spaces. Look at the design on a reflected mirror for white spaces. These are simple tips to check for white spaces. If you find any white spaces, rework on the design.

T Shirt Design Trend

The fashion industry woke up to the importance of T-Shirt design, sometime in the last decade or so. Till then nobody had cared to give the designing of T-Shirts much forethought. If there was a great idea that could be put on a T-Shirt, then well and good, but if not, then no sleep was lost over it. T-Shirt design emerged as a major component of the fashion industry when the designing world saw the coming of skilled graphic designers. Over the years this trend has gained in popularity and T-Shirt design is fast becoming a major money-spinner in terms of the designing business.

By using innovative graphics to design T-Shirts, graphic designers found a new medium to showcase their wares. Using spectacular artwork, they made T-Shirt designing a whole new form of art. Moreover an increasing focus on personalizing items that were used daily, saw the popularity of T-Shirt designing gain by leaps and bounds. The inherent desire to advertise your thoughts, desires, likes, and dislikes on articles of daily wear has meant that we are seeing highly innovative, fantastic, and sometimes scandalizing T-Shirt designs entering the market. Today, you not only see customized T-Shirt designs but also get to see personalized car graphics, accessories and even mobile phone covers.

You might just be of that generation when ‘sloganeering’ was very popular. This was the time when you wore your slogan on your tees, also called ‘slogan tees’. Though simple in nature, a witty slogan was generally printed on these T-Shirts. These T-Shirts are now not in-sync with what is usually termed the ‘generation next’. The limelight is now being stolen by more adventurous and complex T-Shirt designs.

The popularity of T-Shirt design can be gauged from the fact that it has now evolved into a venture that is community driven. There is extensive collaboration between consumers and designers, whereby a kind of non-formal product testing takes place before the products are finally produced for the market. The latest technology has enabled unspecialized people to undertake the designing and printing of their own T-Shirts.

Many companies have now formed online communities. The purpose of these communities is that members can contribute their personal designs to a particular product. T-Shirt aficionados have also got into the act now and have created blogs that cater to the specific needs of the consumers. Here, ‘expert consumers’ guide other members as to what design they must go for and what is hip and what is not.

Moreover, these experts have industry contacts and are in-sync with the latest brands available in the market today. They have their own networking groups and also have an idea about the latest T-Shirt designs that are available in the market. T-Shirt design is a million dollar industry today. If you are looking for a great T-Shirt design then you definitely will be spoilt for choice. So go buy your T-Shirt that has a design suited just for you.

How to Hire a T Shirt Designer

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The t-shirt business can become a very stressful business to run, especially on your own. As with any business, it’s recommended that you develop a team. Sure you might start on your own but eventually you should build a dream team that’ll help advance your label to the next level. One of the key members of this dream team is an excellent designer. You might be the only designer of your t-shirt label now, or maybe you haven’t even started your label yet but have great ideas for t-shirts but don’t think you have the artistic talent to put them into production.

We suggest that any label hire new designers soon as the budget permits. An additional designer means the manager of the label has more time for managing and business operations. Think it’s time you got an additional designer? Here’s some tips on the process of hiring one:

Know exactly what you want in a t-shirt designer. It’ll make the search easier once you envision what this designer’s work would look like. You’ll also have to have your vision down pact when explaining to designers what kind of design style you’re looking for.

Come up with a few specific t-shirt designs that you would like an artist to produce. As a t-shirt entrepreneur I’m sure you’ve seen a few t-shirts on the market that made you think “Hey, it would be cool if the guy who made this shirt made one that said ____ or had ____ on it!” Now your job would be to find that guy and get him to design that shirt for you. Or just come up with ideas and the design style you want them in and look for a designer who can pull it off.

Look at a few online indie t-shirt brands. See if an indie t-shirt designer would be able to do some designs for your brand. Many indie brands do collaborations to gain more exposure. You’re label should do the same by hiring semi big name designers to collaborate with you to produce some designs for your label.

Shop for the best deal without having to sacrifice quality. When looking for a freelance designer to design t-shirts for you, as with anything else in this world, quality is one of the most important things. Find a quality designer that doesn’t charge ridiculous commission fees. By ridiculous I mean out of your budget. Don’t spend too much if you can’t afford it, but if you can afford it don’t be cheap either.

Post a request for a t-shirt designer on freelance websites such as Guru.com and Elance.com. These sites are like classified job listings and are full of designers who are looking for people like you with design needs. Post your request and wait for artists to answer or search the web site’s database and find a good freelance designer that you think would fit your label.

Check out sites like Threadless.com and DesignByHumans.com. These are t-shirt designer communities that hold ongoing weekly design contests and are comprised of great designers. A lot of these great designers never manage to snatch the prize but have work worth rewarding. They would definitely be willing to do some design work for your label. Go to one of these sites, browse the members, check out their designs and hand pick the ones you like. Contact them and propose a deal.

Be picky when picking a designer. Don’t just settle. Find a designer who’s work you love and who you confidently feel can improve the quality of your label. Make sure they’re doing some frickin’ cool designs that you only wish you could do yourself. After all, you’re trusting this person to design t-shirts that you’ll be selling.